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Welcome to the Unofficial Rose Web Site

This is a personal site- owned and maintained as such. This web supplies information, scripts, add-ins, links and lots of other nice stuff for Rational Rose users. It is my goal to make this web the main point of interest to all Rose users. Please contribute to this web, send your scripts, models, documents, add-ins, etc. to  

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I would like to thank all at Rational for their great job and kindness :-)

Special thanks to:

  • Nora Truyens

  • Frank Paterra

  • Eric Aker

  • Joseph Lama

  • Keng Lim

  • Dirk Geuenich

  • Francois Panaget

  • Lara Ziosi

  • Zbigniew Babei

  • Gert-Jan Niessink

  • Ton Schoots

  • Ineke Berendsen

  • Edwin Tol

  • Ulf Ericson

  • Sophie Kruyver

  • Sara Lehrman

  • Martin Ryden

  • Tom Servaes

  • DJ de Villiers

  • Virna Lorenzo

  • Janick Legoff

  • Vincent Delfosse

  • Martin Stenkil

  • Mads Petersen

  • Jan Duthoo

  • Epco Pottinga

  • And all the other people (I'm sure I forgot many very nice people)

Find out about New Stuff !!!

I hope you will enjoy using this web,

Michael Moors.


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