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ModelRun Beta (c) 2000 BoldSoft

Now you can execute your models to run prototypes directly from models. Explore model metadata and navigate thru models with dynamic object forms, object drag and drop, validation and full Object Constraint Language support in the OCL Workbench. Optional support for Rational Rose.

Supported model files are those from Rational Rose 98, Rose 98i, Rose 2000 and Bold for Delphi. Once a model is loaded, it is possible to examine the model properties in an Explorer like treeview. More importantly, you can directly create instances of all your classes. If you wish, ModelRun auto populates the objects with sample data. You may change the data if you wish. The created objects can always be saved to a file for later use.

When objects have been created the really interesting parts start. You are now able to realize the relations in your model. Double click on any object to bring up its detailed form, drag other objects to its relation sheet. You may also bring up a separate treeview for every object that has been created and drag drop objects between them.

To instantly execute the model, you can use the OCL Workbench. The workbench allows you to make OCL queries to the system for immediate feedback. ModelRun even checks you syntax while you are typing.


  • Instant prototypes
  • Model validation
  • Entirely model- powered tool.

More information

Download (836KB) (7-Jan-2000)


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